September 4, 2018 Breaking News and Alerts BMF

We are proud to announce that Chad Voller has earned the prestigious Certified Information Systems Cybersecurity Professional (CISSP) certification – the world’s premier cybersecurity certification.

The CISSP designation is universally recognized as demonstrable knowledge of designing, engineering, and implementing a best-in-class Information Security program. Individuals holding this prestigious title are better able to navigate the complex world of technology and cybersecurity threats through the eight domains of CISSP.

“Cybersecurity doesn’t just rest with the IT Departments anymore, it needs to be embraced operationally and company-wide,” says Karyn Sullivan, COO at BMF. “We live in a world of constant threat and security is an ongoing battle. Armed with this certification, Chad now adds a new depth of confidence in our understanding our daily operations and managing data risk, as well as being a resource to our clients.”

“We live in a world of constant threat and security is an ongoing battle.”


Earning this certification illustrates our commitment to lifelong learning – one of our core values. We invest in all levels across our organization to ensure our team is knowledgeable in their field, confident in their decision-making practices and always leading initiatives.


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