BMF COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


All clients and visitors to our offices must wear masks upon entering the buildings and sign-in with Reception. Clients and visitors will be asked to acknowledge and certify that:

  • they have taken their temperature prior to coming into the office,
  • their temperature is less than 100.4° (the CDC’s formal definition of a fever), AND
  • they have no symptoms indicative of possible COVID-19 exposure/diagnosis.

Clients and visitors will be provided a disposable mask if they do not have one and will be required to wear them while in our offices.


Regular housekeeping practices have already been implemented, including daily cleaning and disinfecting of work surfaces, office equipment and other areas, including restrooms, conference rooms, lunchrooms and the reception area. Daily cleaning and disinfecting also include high-touch areas, such as phones, keyboards, touch screens, controls, door handles, elevator panels, railings, copy machines, etc.


While virtual meetings are strongly encouraged, we understand that some in-person meetings still need to take place. Meetings will be conducted in rooms that are appropriate for social distancing and are being cleaned and sanitized daily and after each meeting.

If you have questions related to these office procedures or have other concerns with visiting our office, please contact us at 330-762-9785.


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