Coming Back Safe and Strong

To Our Valued Clients and Friends,

It’s a different feeling living within the restrictions of COVID-19. This new environment has been difficult for all of us, but it seems trivial in comparison to what those who have experienced COVID-19 and its destruction are feeling. While things may not be as great as they were two or three months ago, we are reminded that, for many of us, things are still pretty good. We are healthy and likely getting a lot done around the house. In the grand scheme of things and putting all things into perspective, I feel we are fortunate.

Our social fabric has completely changed due to business closures, social distancing guidelines, hefty sanitation policies and mask requirements, which have also drastically impacted our daily routines and interactions. And with 62% of the U.S. working population working remotely, we’re all continuing to work hard – just not in our typical spaces. For some, it’s made us want to return to the office for a sense of normalcy and routine. While this time away from the physical office has been far from a vacation, it has been an opportunity to challenge our thinking about remote-working, virtual meetings, training and new ways to push our technological capacity to its furthest reaches.

While many of our own employees are still working remotely, some are starting to return to the office. In fact, our Akron office recently reopened to the public and we’re looking forward to welcoming clients and visitors back to our Cleveland office in early June, following a thorough assessment of safety protocols. We’re committed to continuing to take necessary precautions for the sake of our associates and their families and for you, our valued client. And while we’re pleased to report that no COVID-19 diagnoses have been experienced by BMF associates or their families, we are not remaining complacent.

We’ve studied best practices and participated in informative webinars which we have leveraged to create important new protocols as part of our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. This comprehensive plan will help to limit exposure in our office environment by reinforcing enhanced hygiene and respiratory etiquette, improved engineering and administrative controls to ensure social distancing and increasing our daily cleaning and disinfecting practices. For the sake of everyone’s health and safety, we are asking all employees and visitors to comply with our COVID-19 Safety Guidelines when visiting BMF offices.

Getting back to the way things were won’t be quick nor easy, but I am confident that we will get there.

We thank you for your continued patience and flexibility and remain grateful for your support and the trust you have placed in us as we all come back safe and strong.

Richard C. Fedorovich

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Richard C. Fedorovich
Richard C. Fedorovich
Executive Chairman,


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