Stephen Mazza Joins BMF as Partner!

BMF welcomes with pride and purpose, our newest partner and member of the firm, Stephen Mazza!

Articles & Publications

Manufacturing Insights: Human vs. Robot – Carefully Weigh the Pros and Cons of Automation

Manufacturers and distributors face rising costs of labor and benefits, burdensome government regulations and, more importantly, a shortage of skilled workers. In light of these human resource challenges, investing in automated equipment may seem like a smart alternative to. Read More >>

Business Basics: Manage Cash Flow to Keep Your Company Healthy

Many manufacturers and distributors are experiencing slower payments these days — a hangover from the recession that some larger customers have held on to. It’s not unusual for buyers to stretch their payments from 60 to 75 or even. Read More >>

Manufacturing Insights: How to Reduce Waste

  Scrap materials sometimes pile up on the shop floor, especially when a plant ramps up production to meet peaks in demand. Excess scrap can lead to safety issues and cleanup costs — but waste extends beyond trash in. Read More >>

Fraud Vulnerability: Where Are Your Weaknesses

In the wake of the recent Equifax data breach, manufacturers should reassess their risk of fraud. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), manufacturing ranks among the top three industries with the greatest number of fraud cases. Read More >>

Wasteful Thinking: Revamp Warehouse Layout to Improve Efficiency

  You can never be too busy to review warehouses layouts and how employees move around the space. Awkward or repetitive movements by employees, oversized packages, and disorganized layouts can slow down productivity and even lead to medical and. Read More >>

4 lean manufacturing fundamentals you can count on

Originally imported from Japan in the 1980s, lean manufacturing continues to play a key role in every successful U.S. manufacturer. Lean companies make their products as efficiently as possible, using the least possible staff time, equipment and working capital.. Read More >>

MANUFACTURERS: Are You Wasting Your R&D Credits?

Enacted in 1981 to encourage innovation, Congress introduced the Research & Experimentation Tax Credit (R&D Credit) for companies that incur research and development costs in the United States. Originally introduced in the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, this. Read More >>

Treat Your Company Like an Investment

Most manufacturing and distribution business owners dream of exiting their company with money in hand. But interestingly, they often are not strategic about how to make this happen. While they may talk about the future and what they expect. Read More >>

Management Strategies: Pull the Right Levers for Smart Growth

According to Industry Week’s “2013 Year-End U.S. Manufacturing Outlook Study,” manufacturers are generally optimistic about their growth prospects. Bloomberg reports that manufacturing in the U.S. is expanding at a faster rate and making a bigger contribution to the U.S.. Read More >>