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BMF welcomes with pride and purpose, our newest partner, Mindy Marsden!

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Nonprofit Funding Matters: Revenue Diversification: Think Like a Growing Business

August 6, 2015 Many nonprofit organizations are quick to celebrate short term funding successes without exercising the proper degree of caution about the sustainability of those sources.  In a growing for-profit business, management is constantly expanding its product offerings,. Read More >>

FASB Proposes Substantial Accounting Changes for Nonprofits

On April 22, 2015, the Financial Account Standards Board (FASB) proposed changes to the financial reporting requirements for not-for-profit organizations (NFPs). The proposal is intended to improve the current requirements for net asset classification and the information presented in. Read More >>

Nonprofits and Leases: Understanding the Options (and Opportunities)

When it comes to facilities, every nonprofit has to answer the question at one time or another: “Should we lease or buy?” Certainly, if a nonprofit has enough cash for the standard 30-35 percent down payment, buying a facility. Read More >>

7 Threats That Can Bring a Nonprofit Down

By their very nature, nonprofits embrace risk. They start with little more than a bold dream and desire to make a difference. But risk has a way of blindsiding unwary nonprofits. Below we’ve listed the top seven threats for. Read More >>

Eyes Wide Open: Who’s Watching Your Organization?

When it comes to nonprofits, there are plenty of prying eyes out there. Of course, state authorities are keeping their eyes peeled (approximately 45 states regulate nonprofit fundraising). And the IRS has made nonprofit governance a major focus area.. Read More >>