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The Tangible Property Regulations: Amounts Paid to Acquire or Produce Property

The IRS released the highly anticipated final regulations regarding tangible property late last year.  The final regulations provide a myriad of new rules for many taxpayers that became effective Jan. 1 of this year for calendar year-end taxpayers. The. Read More >>

Important Changes to the Commercial Activity Tax in 2014

April 10, 2014 Tax Advisor

  Mandatory Electronic Filing and Changes to the Minimum Fee A number of changes to the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) became effective Jan. 1. Among those changes is the mandatory online filing of all originally filed CAT returns.. Read More >>

Managing Trust Distributions to Minimize Overall Tax

  Trustees have a small window of opportunity to save potentially thousands in tax dollars if they act quickly by March 6, 2014.  Trust distributions have always been an important planning tool to maximize tax savings for trusts and. Read More >>

As 2013 Came to an End, So Did Many Popular Tax Breaks for Individuals and Business

April 4, 2014 Tax Advisor BMF

  As the world celebrated the beginning of a new year, many here in the U.S. may not have realized that as of midnight, Dec. 31, Congress allowed 55 popular tax breaks, benefiting everyone from teachers and students to. Read More >>

The Tangible Personal Property Regulations: Opportunities in Materials and Supplies

  Late last year, the Internal Revenue Service finally released the highly anticipated final regulations regarding tangible personal property.  The final regulations provide a myriad of new rules for many taxpayers that became effective Jan. 1 of this year.. Read More >>

Ohio’s Board of Tax Appeals Unable To Address Constitutionality of Bright-Line Nexus Standard

March 13, 2014 Tax Advisor

  Allows L.L. Bean to Move On in Fight Against Taxation The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (BTA) upheld an assessment for Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) against L.L. Bean, Inc., an out-of-state taxpayer with no physical connection to. Read More >>

Final Regulations Help Clarify Tangible Property Expenses

  In late fall of last year, the IRS released final regulations that clarify how business expenditures related to tangible property should be treated from a tax perspective. This has been a gray area for many business owners for. Read More >>

Employer Healthcare Mandate Delayed for Mid-Sized Businesses Until 2016

  On Feb. 10, the Obama administration delayed the employer healthcare mandate once again until 2016. The one year delay gives mid-sized employers (50-99 full-time employees) an additional year to adapt to the healthcare regulations without incurring a penalty.. Read More >>

Ohio Issues Guidance for Computing Deduction for Income Received from Pass-Through Entities

February 12, 2014 Tax Advisor

  Ohio residents, part-time residents and nonresidents are eligible for a deduction of 50 percent of “Ohio small business investor income,” up to the first $250,000.  The maximum deduction allotted is $125,000.  Ohio small business investor income includes net. Read More >>

2014 Record Retention Guidelines

  When people are going through their records at year-end for their tax returns or closing their books they typically have two questions: What do I need to keep? And how long should I keep it? As you are. Read More >>