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Take the Drama Out of Business Succession: A Case Study

The HBO drama Succession isn’t just a hit series. It’s also a cautionary tale to business owners. The show revolves around a CEO patriarch who just can’t seem to designate a successor among his four children, or among anyone. Read More >>

Succession Planning: The Benefits of a Family Limited Partnership

Business succession planning is one of the biggest concerns for business owners. While there are several options to consider, transferring ownership and control of the company to the next generation is one of the most common. A Family Limited. Read More >>

Construction Succession Planning and Ownership Transition

As this next wave of construction company owners begins planning their retirement, their children begin contemplating their own long-term career commitments. Many times, owners must consider other succession plan opportunities because what was once thought of as a family-owned. Read More >>

When Owners Hang On Too Long: The Business of Letting Go

When you’ve devoted your life and career to the success and sustainability of your business – the business you, your parents or grandparents may have started – oftentimes it’s hard to let go.  But staying on isn’t always what’s. Read More >>

Building a Map of Northeast Ohio Influencers

“Do you know someone that can help?” It’s a question we hear a lot from our clients when they need a new attorney who specializes in patents or a great HR recruiter to find talent in a tough market.. Read More >>

Ownership Transition: Valuation is Key to Succession Planning

Most business owners spend a lifetime building their business. When it comes to succession, business owners need to weigh the benefits and detriments of a variety of potential exit strategies. This could involve selling to either a strategic or. Read More >>

High valuations don’t always mean it’s a good time to sell

Company valuations today are at the highest levels we’ve seen in years. So if you’re a business owner thinking about a liquidity event, now would be a good time, right? Not so fast. Even though the value of their. Read More >>

New Proposed Regulations Impact Valuation Discounts for Transfers of Family-Owned Businesses

  Last week the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released proposed regulations under Internal Revenue Code Section 2704 (Section 2704) that impact the valuation of interests in closely held businesses for estate and gift tax purposes. As mentioned in our. Read More >>

Exit Planning Strategies: Is an ESOP Right for You and Your Employees?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 When planning your business exit strategy, one of the first things to do is decide who will succeed you. For example, you can sell the business to an outside buyer, pass it on to family. Read More >>

Potential Changes for Valuing Closely Held Business Interests in Intra-Family Transfers – Limiting the Use of Valuation Discounts

  There have been recent rumblings that the IRS might soon publish regulations limiting use of certain valuation discounts for estate and gift transfers of closely held business interests to family members.  While the technical details related to such. Read More >>